Reach that comfortable nook in your mind.

What got it all started?

Time runs figure eights around my ankles, like a puppy would have, had I given in to the kids’ pleas. Time has been sitting rather heavily on my shoulders these past few years since I quit my job, to be home for the family. Barring a few moves to other continents and back, a foreign language course, a regrettably short baking course and an annoyingly demanding online digital marketing course, little else occupies my mind or time. That ‘little else’ is taken up by food and window shopping of the online kind. But mostly food. Eating food, cooking food, buying kitchen wares, experimenting, watching food videos, food shows on TV.

What’s the best way to cook?

The opportunity to blend my love for food and my penchant for writing is the raison d’ etre for this blog. What I want to prove is that innovative cooking is not hard. While pretty dishes, perfect pictures or videos may be great to watch, the reality of our kitchens is quite different. Eventually what matters is how the food you have cooked or have ordered at a restaurant, makes you feel. If it lets you reach that comfortable nook in your mind and lie there, contented, then you have hit the jackpot!

My recipes are the result of years of experimenting, built on piles of disasters I have cooked, mounds of dirty dishes, singed facial skin, burnt mitts, irrevocably damaged kitchenware and what not. The ideas come easy, the execution needs some tweaking. Okay a lot of tweaking!

What else is there?

My blog will also share some dining out and takeaway experiences. This is more a way for me to express my experience with the place/food/beverage, rather than critiquing food made by committed chefs. Lastly I will be including some life hacks, almost all of them learnt the hard way.

My fond wish for this blog is for it to become a platform for like-minded folks to share and discuss across a virtual table accompanied by a good cup of virtual filter kapi. So read on, come by often and leave your thoughts and share your ideas here.

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