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Dinner Party Delimmas

Rare is the person that does not like an evening spent in good company and great food. Growing up in a gregarious family, every gathering revolved around food. While it was never a formal pot luck, guests thought nothing of rolling up their sleeves to help with the cooking. A lot of the food was cooked communal style. Marinated fish would be lugged across in city buses by loving aunts who then proceeded to fry and serve them piping hot at our home. A vat of chicken curry made the journey in the boot of a cousin’s car, to be served with my mother’s famous ghee rice. Paysam threatening to overflow from its container would arrive juddering gently along with a favourite uncle, on a shiny Vespa. These were long lunches, interrupted by steaming cups of tea and snacks that would eventually roll out into dinner. No one was allowed to leave before the end of the day, no one wanted to leave before then! And no one felt fatigued at the end of these gatherings. All the camaraderie, the chatter and gossip, the cooking and cleaning up done together by hosts and guests, profoundly increased the enjoyments of such gatherings. As kids we looked forward to these events, sometimes impromptu but always a great hit!

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