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The other way to celebrate.

What would life be without small victories? Okay, sometimes it can be big victories like winning a lottery or landing that dream job! There are those times when the reason to celebrate may be big but the will to do so is smaller. Possibly fatigue, end-of-month budgetary situation or good old-fashioned laziness prevents you from making a big celebration meal. Or even going out to celebrate at a fine-dining restaurant. So how do you still make sure that your milestone is highlighted? By making a quick, simple yet not-so-ordinary dish.

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The tragedy of the uneaten lunch box.

How often have mothers the world over sighed loudly at the sight of uneaten lunch boxes that kids bring back from school? I know I have, in the early days. Until I hit upon the idea of making ‘faux gourmet’ foods for kids’ lunch boxes. It has been good since, with compliments given generously by the kids and friends of said kids. It is actually not a challenge; it only needs ample preparation. For instance I will know on any given Sunday night, what food will go into the lunch box for all days of the coming week. This is just to say I have most if not all the ingredients I may need for the big box project for the week. The trick: make it look good, as per the kids’ taste and a little bit exotic.

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Reach that comfortable nook in your mind.

What got it all started?

Time runs figure eights around my ankles, like a puppy would have, had I given in to the kids’ pleas. Time has been sitting rather heavily on my shoulders these past few years since I quit my job, to be home for the family. Barring a few moves to other continents and back, a foreign language course, a regrettably short baking course and an annoyingly demanding online digital marketing course, little else occupies my mind or time. That ‘little else’ is taken up by food and window shopping of the online kind. But mostly food. Eating food, cooking food, buying kitchen wares, experimenting, watching food videos, food shows on TV.

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